Mar 13, 2018


Dec 30, 2017


VISION OFF – III: Hawking the Smoke from Distant Fires CS (VAGUE02)

The second release on WS's Vague Absolutes imprint is the first physical format product from VISION OFF. Best to avoid if you are looking for anything resembling "songs," III: Hawking the Smoke from Distant Fires, is the audio equivalent of a headspace that comes from watching modern day network news, of resigning yourself to the fact that no matter where you are, you are not safe. Nature may fire the first snipe-shot to your well being, but you are nesting in reach of any number of insatiable gulping maws of a disaster capitalist horde. You better believe that those goddamn buzzards have every tool at their disposal to exploit your misery. The assembly of this release began in 2007 and was forgotten about, finally revisited and finished, ten years later. Four harsh sound collages packaged in a Riso-printed J-card. 


J.BRIGGS – 3 Mauvais Jours CS (VAGUE03)

A more dramatic approach to audio collage from the gent behind VISION OFF. “Three Bad Days” bends towards the dark, the light, and the blood-red shadows of noir-ish settings, in tension and sadness, highs and lows. 


Oct 19, 2015


Thanks to Master Bellosi for the stunning V.A. logo.

Sep 15, 2015


VAGUE ABSOLUTES will soon come to be as a sub-strata of the Warthog Speak empire, set to release music that falls outside the sphere of "hardcore," the first release is a very limited vinyl run of the lone 4-song demo from the Bay Area's INDEX. The band came and went in a flash, played a handful of shows, and left a killer demo of bratty and scrappy punk before sailing off for other pastures. Members did/do time in Brilliant Colors, Flesh World, Jump Off A Building, Nosedive, and Vial. You can download the demo here on TERMINAL ESCAPE if it strokes your fancy.

No idea what the follow up releases will come be. The future is wiiiiiiide open.