Jan 28, 2018

Warthog Speak Digital Mixtape Volume 1

Delivered, as promised. 


Art and tracklist/descriptions included in the Download, but also above and below.


January 27th, 2018.

Welcome to the debut Warthog Speak Digital Mix Tape. My intention here is to mend the voids that segregate all planes of the sonic cosmos. A peace offering of noise, so to speak. Enjoy.

00:00      J.BRIGGS – “Day 2” ---- Figured I’d open this with a “collage” by yours-truly. Nothing more to say about that.

02:11      FLURIN GIGER – “I Think I Should Stop to Talk” ---- I know zilch about this. I distro'd a couple copies of the soundtrack to the Swiss movie that involves punk, Lasst die Alten Sterben and it opens with this track. The chemical effect it had on my head was instantly addictive. On first listen I started the track over after a just few seconds to absorb it all again. A beautiful quick toon that reaches its goal after only consisting of one verse and one chorus. Is it new? Is it old? No idea. A poppy punked-out version of the song closes the album to contrast this opener.

04:07      SKYLON – “Skylon” ---- From what I can gather, this is the only song recorded by this group that included a pre-LUSH / JESUS AND MARY CHAIN Philip King, Roxanne New, and OUTSIDERS / THE SOUND's Adrian Borland, as well as THE SOUND's Graham (Green) Bailey all the way back in 1981. Another song that hooked me immediately with it’s mood. This single was only released by Captured Tracks for RSD in 2014.

07:44      RANK / XEROX – “Zero Hour” ---- R/X is a treasure of a band, musically and as people, and their exodus — along with basically their entire peer group — from the Bay Area left a void that may never be filled (to repeat, as a band and as people). I was so pumped when I heard that there was a new record in 2017. Hopefully there will be more down the line?

10:14      TRISOMIE 21 – “See the Devil in Me” ---- Dark Entries recently blessed our planet with reissues of four records by this prolific wave-o / post-p powerhouse from northern France. Again, I know little about them. Bought all of the reissues but I'm still stuck on the magical first LP, Les Reos des Enfants Heureux, from which this killer track comes calling, and have yet to venture into the rest. And that is a great thing.

14:32      COMET GAIN – “Daydream Scars” ---- Granted, they have a pretty extensive and slightly varied catalog, but when CG are on, they are untouchable. To me the entirety of this album, City Fallen Leaves, is a pinnacle of the style.

17:38      AMYL & THE SNIFFERS – “Mandalay” ---- This track is a masterpiece. The fuckin’ sass is untouchable, the hooks undeniable, and the delivery uncivilized. It feels like a bunch of mongrels that you don't know, mostly women, just showed up to your party, hell bent on having a good time, whether or not they wreck your house, and there's nothing you can do about it but throw yourself headlong into the madness and smash up the sheetrock. Yet it's a love song? I can’t wait til these Aussies hit the coast of California. I think the line, "...and when you go, I'll be facing you, right behind the hearse," might be my current favorite lyric.

19:12      BOOJI BOYS – “Highest Guy (in the HRM)” ---- Dear MARKED MEN fans, time to re-focus your energy here, in Nova Scotia. Very proud of what this lot have done and all the great things they will do this year.

21:15      PUBLIC TRUST – “Everyone Smokes in East Boston” ---- The now's auditory senator of fascist-trash mutant-fashion factions a'likened to UNNATURAL AXE, THE MAD, MENTALLY ILL and the like. Ban hit it out of the park with this EP.

23:10      FOGNA – “Merda come L’oro”
               FOGNA – “Insomnia” ---- Thee only moderne band that can hold a candle to the heavyweight Italian classics of the '80s. Who gives an eff about the drum machine. This shit rips.

26:58      DUM DUM BOYS – “Stalking the Streets” ---- New Zealand punk from 1981. The whole of Let there be Noise is cool.

29:21      LION’S SHARE – “Cyber Worlds” ---- St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada stepping up.

31:35      DEATH WISH KIDS – “Hood” ---- There are plenty of ‘90s hardcore and punk bands that I obsess over, but maybe only one, that I think more about than DEATH WISH KIDS. I have listened to this 7” thousands of times, and I will listen thousands more. There isn’t a single second of it that isn’t perfect. Goddamn do I wish I could have seen them.

32:46      U-NIX – “Vapidity” ---- i like this 7" from these Portland hardcore upstarts. 

34:02      NARCOLEPTICS – “Noxious Thoughts”
               NARCOLEPTICS – “Answer” ---- The first two tracks on the upcoming third NARCS’ 7”. I can’t wait til more people hear this whole thing. Their most punishing outing yet. It’s a gol’dang monster of a 7”

37:38      ITANSHA – (I forget which song this is) ---- This recording that Daiki made all by himself is incredible.

38:40      ALIENATION – “Dad Body” ---- A band that checks all the boxes for me.

40:04      NOSFERATU – “Spectator” ---- Straight up I think these Texans are the best band in hardcore. Can’t wait to see what happens.

40:40      GAME – “Rzad I Osiol” ---- Killer flexi from members of ARMS RACE and CAREER SUICIDE / MAD MEN. A stone rager to the bone.

41:54      FIT FOR ABUSE – "Obsession" ---- Whether you're talking the late '90s or now, my favorite band of all time and probably the only group I obsess over harder than DEATH WISH KIDS. FFA at their most "LIFE'S BLOOD," for certain. An epic track. #TCHCismy1stluv

44:11      FUERZA BRUTA – "Nación Dividida" ---- One of 2017's top toons. Verdugo is an intense record. Like no other. Stoked that Warthog Speak will be releasing the 7" follow up to this intrepid predator of a record. It's an important one. I promise. 

46:34      CHATTERBOX – "Forgotten Heroes" ---- Cool A-side of Swedish punk from 1980.

50:02      MICHAEL BEACH – "Vision of Modern Love" ---- Favorite song from one of my favorite records of the last several years.