Jan 27, 2018

This is 2018 not 1776

Hi, still waiting on art for the NARCOLEPTICS 3rd 7" but have the vinyl in hand. Hopefully soon. 

Awaiting tests for the next three WS releases:
HEALER / DJ EONS - split 7"
ALIENATION – "Bitter Reality" 7"
BOUND - 7" (2 unreleased tracks from the 7" session and a comp track. The DL will also have a complete remix of the original 7" tracks as well)

Teaser tracks to these will be posted soon. 

I guess I can now announce that I'll be doing a 7" for Chicago's FUERZA BRUTA. Their "Verdugo" record was my favorite 12" of 2017, so when I was asked last week to release the follow up to it, I was beyone stoked to say "yessss pleeeeze and thank you for thinking of me!" Two of the tracks are recorded and will be on a super limited lathe cut for FB's East Coast and European shows this spring, and a third song for it will be recorded upon return from tour. Have a listen:

Ian also recently did this interview with American Oi! about FUERZA BRUTA and his label, Foreign Legion

I also wanted to extend a huge congrats to WS fam, PRIMAL RITE on the release of their debut LP, "Dirge of Escapism" on Rev. I've been really stoked on every step of progression of this group from YADOKAI, to SCALPED, to the earliest stages of PRIMAL RITE, through to this fully realized beheamoth of singularity*. Highest levels of pride emittded towards Max, Lucy, Jeremy, Jason, Fred, and Jake for this one. A couple interviews came out in the last few days that are worth your time as well.

And finally, I will be posting a "digital mix tape" here some time in the next couple days, in lieu of trying to do a "podcast," or "radio show," and it's hopefully something I plan to do on the regular. 

Oh yeah, how could I forget that I was finally able to pry copies of the STRESSORS "Skin Trap" 7" from the band's clutches and they are available in the distro. This thing has been out for like two years but pretty sure that no one has seen or heard it. (The record sounds killer! Despite the audio on this Bandcamp link)

Thanks for reading. Peace. 


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