Sep 15, 2016

FALL 2016

Not a whole hell of a lot to report right at this time. Pumped the brakes, laying low, re-calibrating my bearings, and watching football while I prepare Warthog Speak for some epic releases for the end of 2016 - beginning of 2017. Gonna also finish up this stupid DEATHREAT zine that I've been threatening for a while now. 

Got a couple good reviews from the MRR-o-sphere:

THE POSE – "Dig an Endless Grave" EP
   I loved BACK TO BACK both live and on record, and can definitely hear the member involvement in this new band, which trades in abrasive mosh for fast and stompy hardcore. These four songs are burly yet catchy pit-worthy bangers that are characterized by harsh, gunting vocals and a great thick guitar sound, all wrapped in an ambient cloak of reverb. From the opening cough to the closeing fadeout, it flows unusually well for an EP. The opening riff to "Pride" may very well make an upcoming appearance on my list of year-end top ten riffs.

   Mind = blown. The 12" was good, but the unrelenting powerof these eleven tracks is fukkn unparalleled. Piercing maximum speed hardcore teetering on complete collapse from the first burst...and then they drop that tupa-tupa for just a few seconds and if you're not moshing, then you're posing. Vocals echoed on forever, a production that's somewhere between Finland '82 and feisty garage punk... and riffs. I cannot emphasis this enough: ALIENATION got fukkn riffs for days. These Nova Scotia freaks just drop banger after banger, not even human. A mandatory get if you like your hardcore fast and weird.

Speaking of ALIENATION, they've added the dude, Dave Brown, on drums. Besides playing in Career Suicide, Dave made one of my favorite recordings of the modern era with the DEAF MUTATIONS demo / demo 7". Let's hope he eventually mades more DM tracks... 

Dave's first show at the Alien kit will be at Toronto's killer Not Dead Yet festival, along with Warthog Speak alum, PRIMAL RITE, and an endless list of other great bands. 
PRIMAL RITE will be touring the East Coast real soon in suoport of their looming Grave Mistake / Pop Wig produced EP, Complex Life of Passion. To miss them woukd be ill-advised.


I'm down to less than ten copies of the PRIMAL RITE 7" and it won't be repressed (by me, at least), so grab those now if you intend to. I'm also down to less than twenty copies each of ALIENATION 7"s and LPs

Have been toning it back on the distro front too but added a few things recently, like the domestic press of the newest BLAZING EYE 7", restocked the B-SQUADRON and second SCALPED 7"s, and the THANKLESS GRAFT (continuation of LAST CRUSADE) 7".

Here are a couple of KILLER new thangs that I've heard recently:


Portland's LOSE LOSE... 
and Cleveland's LACERATE... 

Here's some video from the only show HÜVÜDTVATT ever played. Sickest band.

 and here's a funny homemade promo video for their Disinfection EP...