Jul 17, 2016


It's been far too long since I updated this site so Ihopefully I remember everything that I intended to cover in this update. And here's hoping that you are all having a killer summer so far, despite the heartbreaking, soul crushing bullshit going on in this miserable, hatefilled world. Here's what is up, what was up, and what's to come from WARTHOG SPEAK.


For starters, THE POSE – "Dig an Endless Grave" 7" EP (WS-023) comes out today (July18th, 2016). This EP is the vinyl debut of this Houston band's thud-y, ugly hardcore punk. Hard, nasty, ogreish, heavy hardcore that has flashes of metal, but isn't metallic — I mean, Tim Yo called VOID "metallic" in MRR #2, so consider that. Members of BACK TO BACK and DRESS CODE. 250 copies, all black vinyl.

While THE POSE is seemingly a part-time venture for now, following JJ's move to California, they will still be playing a record release show for the EP in Houston at the end of this month with BACK TO BACK, WILD THING, MIRROR, THE REAL COST, and CLEAR ACID on July 30th:


We also dropped the ALIENATION – "2016 EP" 7" (WS-022) last week and couldn't be more stoked about that. This second EP from hardcore's best kept secret – Halifax, Nova Scotia's ALIENATION, is 11 tracks of venom-flinging, neck-snapping, raging thrash that's equal parts Negative FX, (early) Poison Idea, and some ripping Swedish shit. And takes the fury of last year's 12" EP and ramps up the intensity without losing the riffs. Don't sleep on this shit. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl, with 125 copies each of neon green and neon pink covers.

I'm glad to see that people are catching on to how killer this band is and it's rad that they will be playing the NOT DEAD YET fest in Toronto this year, along with tons of killer bands.

Here's the review / description form Sorry State records. A distro / label / store who's dilligence is always admirable:

"I pretty much flipped out for Alienation's debut 12" on Warthog Speak a while back, and this new EP ups the ante considerably from that. As before, Alienation play a style of hyper-fast hardcore that I'm not generally inclined to like... usually when the tempos get into Neos / Septic Death / Larm territory bands lose the groove and I, consequently, lose interest, but Alienation have no such problems. Not only does their music never turn into an incoherent blur, there's actually a striking amount of musical sophistication here, albeit delivered at a speed so blistering that it might be a little difficult to process. More importantly, though, they have that magical hardcore x-factor that makes their records sound completely explosive. There's a little Black Flag, a lot of Deep Wound and Siege, a fair bit of Neos (and they even drop in a sick, blink-and-you-miss-it Dicks cover), but at the same time it sounds very much like its own thing. Without a doubt one of my favorite hardcore bands currently going, and highly recommended if there's still any place in your heart for the 'core."

While on the subject of of ALIENATION, I should mention a couple of their newest spin off acts. The first, FRAGMENT, who blaze on the DISCLOSE / noisy D-Beat tip, just had their demo released on 7" by Imminent Destruction records. I dig the demo quite a bit and they will also be playing NDY this year. 

The other project, BOOJI BOYS, are much more on a '70s punk / power pop / kbd tip. I really like this demo and it's a great example of this sound done right. Sounds like they recorded tons of tracks this weekened and hopefully something cool comes of them. Check out the demo for now while we wait for more.

So much killer punk oozing from the Halifax (and surrounding area) scene. 


I would like to take this time to extend a huge congrats to PRIMAL RITE for hooking up with Revelation Records. 25 years ago at the Nashua, New Hampshire Newbury Comics I bought the Rev press of JUDGE's New York Crew 7" and it was the first record I ever bought and set my path to hardcore and rabid collector-hood. Because of this, Revelation really means a lot to me and I was so stoked when Rev started to distro Warthog Speak titles. As of this post, I have done EIGHT releases [well, 9 if you include the aborted Hunting Party 7" that made it to the test press stage and may get finished eventually] on Warthog Speak that feature one or more of these dudes, and I've played music, however briefly, with almost all of them and consider them all friends, so it's unbelievably sick to see Jake, Jeremy, Max, Jason, and Lucy succed at doing what they love most. They all put so much time, effort, and dedication into this shit, so, good on those fools, and good on Adam for noticing. Big fucking up. I'm proud of you guys. Who knew that Yadokai would eventually become this. So wild. At any rate, I just released the PRIMAL RITE - "Hatred in a Mask of Flowers / Pestilent Clutch" single (WS-019)! Hot on the heels of SCALPED's still-warm corpse, PRIMAL RITE is a ressurection. Their path is a similar one, but with a new vocalist comes a burly hardcore titan that's been re-born harder, heavier, and more hessian in approach. Crushing and brutal. As you may have noticed above, PRIMAL RITE is also playing NDY this year. 

PRIMAL RITE just finished a West Coast tour and will be touring the East Coast sooner than later. However, prior to the 7" and LP on Revelation, there will be an EP titled "Complex Life of Passion," coming out in October on Grave Mistake and Pop Wig. Can't wait to hear it. 

Here's Sorry State's take:

"Debut single from this new Bay Area band featuring former members of Scalped. They've managed to generate some buzz right off the bat, and in addition to this single they've already planned a follow-up record on Grave Mistake and a debut LP on Revelation. I'm not sure if it's just me, but when I listen to these two tracks, particularly the a-side, "Hatred in a Mask of Flowers," all I can think of is Integrity. It starts with this brooding swell of feedback, a chugging riff so primitive you could barely even call it a riff, and a whole heap of dive-bombs. The comparisons to Integrity don't end there, as there is plenty of lead guitar and brutal mosh to go around. It doesn't have the black metal and/or Japanese hardcore influences that I associate with Integrity, but this is a sound that seems, to me at least, very much rooted in the heavy, mosh-oriented sound of Victory Records in the 90s. I grew up on that style of hardcore and definitely have a soft spot for this style when it's done well, and I can see why Primal Rite is garnering a lot of attention. So pick this up and see if it tickles your fancy, and if it doesn't it looks like you'll probably be able to flip it to a Revelation collector in a couple of months."


In other news, BUSTED OUTLOOK just released their first LP, "Not Defined by Violence," on Refuse Records and leave tomorrow for a European tour. 


There are so many releases that I didn't realize that I never posted about on here, so I appologize to those bands if it seems like I never hyped you ;) That wasn't intentional.

In early June I released the Olympia / Seattle unit, EIGHTBALL's – S/T 7" (WS018), and it's a seven-track EP of D-beat Hardcore Rock'n'Roll trash from the Pacific Northwest cretins of distortion. The 7" sports the three demo tracks plus four more. EIGHTBALL sports members of GAG, WHITE WARDS, COMBAT KNIFE, BRICKLAYER, LOWER SPECIES, for those of you with a score card.

Here's Sorry State's take:

"Debut release from this Pacific Northwest band featuring members of Gag, White Wards, and many others. That's quite a pedigree, and as you might expect there's nothing tentative or under-developed about Eightball. Sonically, this kind of reminds me of a more straightforward, traditional version of the Repos. Certainly if you're a Repos fan you'll immediately love the snarled vocals and the occasional, anarchic guitar leads, but whereas Repos / Ropes releases tend to feel frustratingly brief, this one crams 7 songs onto a 7" EP, making the vibe of the EP as a whole resemble something more like classic first-wave NYHC like the Mob's Upset the System or the Abused's Loud and Clear. It's sort of like a mini-full-length delivered as a 7" EP, and with a whole heaping helping of gnarly riffs, spot-on, beefy production, and an explosive performance no hardcore fan will leave a listening session with this disappointed."

And MRR's:

"Another fine slab of wax from Warthog Speak and that lovable family of Oly lifers, WHITE WARDS, GAG, and COMBAT KNIFE. Damn! This crew really knows how to keep busy, and I really gotta marvel at that dedication to the game. Seven quick, highly energetic bangers that start with the Motörcharge / Burning Spirits / POISON IDEA key bump and chop it up into fat, hot rails straight to the reptile brain. Goddamn!!!!! Those guitar leads."

We also released the COMBAT KNIFE 7" from this family as a split release with Video Disease but it's unfortunately long sold out. Here's all the tracks:


Also super pumped to have released HUMILIATION's - "4 Track E.P." 7" a couple months back. The vinyl debut from this Arizona powerhouse is a noisy, claustrophobic cacophonic amalgam of 1990s discordant freedom, the '10's acceptance of noise rock-ery, and the current crop's ability to re-shape hardcore into a slithering amoebic serpent. Akin to a mix of Groundwork, Rorschach, Walls, and some other modern HC giant that I can't put my finger on. 100 copies on BLACK and 150 copies on WHITE vinyl.

Sorry State say: "I kind of hate the artwork on this record because it makes it look like some kind of nondescript power violence record when, in fact, this is a completely warped, grade A prime rager. To me, Humiliation (who hail from Phoenix and share members with Gay Kiss in case you were wondering) sound like Black Flag if the Damaged lineup had stayed intact through the recording of the later records and also got as interested in harmonic possibilities as they did in rhythm. These four tracks definitely rely on the kind of meandering, lurching, vaguely psychedelic rhythms of the later Black Flag songs, but the guitars are just impossibly dense, delivering not only a heavy low end but an even more pleasing upper-register chime that kind of reminds me of October File-era Die Kreuzen or maybe even Honor Role. This is an absolutely beautifully recorded record, one that you need to listen to attentively and on good equipment... if you treat yourself to the pleasure of actually listening to this thing closely you will find depth that most hardcore bands can only dream of. I'm at a loss as to how else to say it, but this is killer. Highest possible recommendation for worshippers of the electric guitar."


More may be added here this week!


As far as what the future holds for Warthog Speak... For the time being I have nothing to announce. There are a few releases that I am working on the final details of that I couldn't be more excited for, to the point that I would call all of them "dreams come true," but there is nothing I can confirm right now. In the interrim I will be putting more work into the DEATHREAT zine that I am a couple years into. I guess it wil be finished eventually. 


See you at this sick ass show, if not sooner: