Sep 14, 2015

FALL 2015

Hola Babies.

'Tis the end of Summer and I haven't updated this site in forever. Lots of info to transmit, and five new releases on deck. 

Here's what's up.

ODD MAN OUT - EP (WS-014) --- Vinyl version of Olympia/Seattle straightedge band's cassette demo from earlier this year. Six tracks of pit-clearing, straightedge HARDcore with a conscience.


FATIGUE - "Dog Bodies" EP (WS-015) --- 7" pressing of 3 of the 4 tracks from FATIGUE's demo tape from last year. Here's what I had to say about the cassette: "The perfect soundtrack to watching the soul of real life bleached down to an unrecognizable, squeaky-clean, child-safety prison outside of your control. FATIGUE is growling, ripping and tearing back from the deepest, darkest corners of the gut. Take the ugly snarl and familiarity of first wave punk, add the blood-thirsty fervor and frostbite of a vacant Cass Corridor warehouse in 1982, and steady it with the gobbing, No-Future confidence of the UK punk sound of that same year, and you end up with a snarling beast similar to this. With ex- and current members of SYDNEY DUCKS, CAGED ANIMAL, YOUNG OFFENDERS, SCALPED, and HUNTING PARTY among the ranks, the sound all makes sense. The savagery of "Outlander" being the standout track. Nasty."


NARCOLEPTICS - Second EP (WS-016) --- The second EP from New York's NARCOLEPTICS takes the fury of the first one and goes harder, heavier, and harsher.

The band will also have 50 test press copies of this record for their West Coast tour coming up in October...

10/15 Phoenix 
10/16 Los Angeles
10/17 Oakland 
10/19 Portland
10/20 Seattle
10/21 Vancouver
10/22 Victoria
10/23 Olympia
10/24 Chico/Santa Rosa?
10/25 Fresno
10/26 Mentone
10/27 San Diego/Tijuana

ALIENATION - "2015 Mini-LP" 12" (IDNTFS-1) --- Straight-up stunning 12" follow-up to two great demos from this Halifax, Nova Scotia unit. Thirteen flashes of brilliant hardcore that touches on the best of '80s US hardcore as much as it does the Hudiksvall* sound. The ALIENATION sound exists in a similar orbit as recent greats, GAS RAG, but faster.

*(Missbrukarna, Totalitar, Huvudtvatt, etc.)


INDEX - Demo EP (Vague-01) --- First release on Warthog Speak sub-imprint Vague Absolutes, is a very limited vinyl run of the lone 4-song demo from the Bay Area's INDEX. The band came and went in a flash, played a handful of shows, and left a killer demo of bratty and scrappy punk before splitting off to other pastures. Members also did/do time in Brilliant Colors, Flesh World, Jump Off A Building, Nosedive, and Vial. You can download the demo here on TERMINAL ESCAPE if it strokes your fancy.


We've got the final copies of the GENERACION SUICIDA tour FLEXI in the webstore as well as recently added hits from EEL, CONCEALED BLADE, AJAX (record of the year thus far), AS MERCENARIAS - demo 7", and more NIGHT PROWLER tapes to the distro.


Finally, I have test pressings of most of these releases set aside, as well as some older ones, that I'm going to put up for sale on the webstore in the coming weeks with alternate covers. They're gonna be more expensive than the normal releases, with all of the money being donated to charity. This is something I have wanted to do for a while, to do something positive in this world of punishment, shame, and hate, however small I may be, and I'm glad I finally have enough "stock" to make it worth the while. Once I put them for sale, I will post an announcement here.

Thanks for listening.