Jun 1, 2015

JUNE 2015

Hello. I haven't posted here in quite a while. So much to report. 

First off, the FATIGUE Self-Titled 7" is now available to order! 

FATIGUE – "Self-Titled" EP
Following one of the best demos in some time, the debut 7" EP from California's FATIGUE is a rough-around-the-edges, slow motion, boot to the sternum via four bruised-and-scarred hymns of life and struggle in the big city, that owes as as much to northern US hardcore of the nineteen-eighties, UK oi! at it's grimiest, and regular old punk rock at it's least tender. A sound that makes perfect sense when considering that FATIGUE is made up of current and former members of SYDNEY DUCKS, SCALPED, BRICK ASSASSIN, and YOUNG OFFENDERS. 

Give a listen here:

Purchase HERE
FATIGUE will also be hitting the East Coast in July. You can spot em at these places:

July 10 - brooklyn @ Acheron w/ AJAX, VANITY, SEMPER EADEM (DC), NO PAROLE
July 11 - boston @ Boiler Room w/ PEACEBREAKERS, VANITY, SEMPER EADEM (DC)
July 12 - montreal 
July 13 - toronto @ SHIBGB's
July 14 - pittsburgh
July 15 - richmond
July 16 - dc
July 17 - philly
July 18 - new brunswick
(I will fill in the details as I have them)

The BUSTED OUTLOOK - "Spitting Wind" 7" is still fresh-to-def for Summer...
Current darlings of the Bay Area Hardcore scene, and sporting chaps that already show up on the Warthog Speak roster in such class acts as PERMANENT RUIN, STRESSORS, and SCALPED, BUSTED OUTLOOK is made up of dudes that have more than likely booked a show for your band if you've played in the the Bay at any point over the last five years. Locked in the grooves of this record is some of the tightest spirit-lifting, metallic hardcore this side of of '88. Riffs galore. Divebombs, breakdowns, dope solos, and good vibes to help you ride through summer 2015. Did I mention...RIFFS.

But you don't have to take my word for it... Peep the whole thing here first:

 Lots more on the horizon for WS, so please stay tuned.