Jul 30, 2014


In a shocking turn of events, these lads have managed to find a spot at number 4 on CVLT Nation's list of "Top Six New Bands You Must Hearr Today!" Check it out -------------------> HERE.

SCALPED's debut 4-song 7" for Warthog Speak is recorded and just waiting on a couple tweaks to the mix and it'll be rerady to go. I'm estimating an early winter release.  

If you missed the demo cassette, I still have physical copies. Get em from the WS webstore.

See ya.

Jul 28, 2014

New Age (of San Francisco Hardcore) / FATIGUE

Completely loving this FATIGUE demo. New SF band with some Young Offenders and Sydney Ducks chaps and our boy Max Wickham (Caged Animal/Scalped/Hunting Party/Yadokai/and like half the other bay area hc bands of the last handful of years). The rest of the tracks are a tad more on the Oi!-ish tip than this one, but they all essentially have the same vibe. Dig in:

 Buy copies here

Jul 10, 2014


So, the first Busted Outlook gig happened while I was stuck in traffic tryina get there. If, like me, you weren't there, here's what it was like: 

Jul 7, 2014


MISSIONARY and STERILIZED  7"s both got great reviews in the new Maximum Rock'n'Roll:

"MISSIONARY – 'American Strike' EP
    Straight outta 538 Johnson come MISSIONARY, who are raising an already high bar for bands that have come out of said Bushwick punk complex. The UK-via-Boston-Crew sounds of bands like CREEM are a continuing theme on this record, along with a hint of both EP and LP POISON IDEA as well as ANTIDOTE. What sets MISSIONARY apart are both the hooks and attention to every detail of songwriting that makes each of these six songs so memorable. "Cop Disease" straight up sounds like an updated version of the DISCHARGE singles, "Double Vision" and "Escape" sound like SSD meets ANTIDOTE, and the A-side's opener and closer are both mid-to-slow-paced moshers, and all of them are sick. The recording fits the style perfectly, and every instrument makes its mark on this record, the bouncy bass especially. (DG)"

"STERILIZED – 'Zero Sum Game' EP
   Oh shit, this is good! Megaton D-beat inspired hardcore with super pissed vocals. If the idea of Joe Denunzio fronting DISASTER floats your boat, this is the record for you. No frills, no leads, just punishing riff after punishing riff driven by heavy D-beats and topped off with those fantastic vocals. Grade A fucking hardcore. Get into it. (AU)"

...aaaaaaand they played all three of the newest Warthog Speak releases (those two 7"s, and the BUSTED OUTLOOK tape) on this weeks radio show. You can peep it here:


Jun 28, 2014


BUSTED OUTLOOK tapes are ready to go...

"World, meet BUSTED OUTLOOK. Four tracks of fast, constructively angry, '88-styled US hardcore that leaves plenty of room for moshing and two-stepping. This demo was done as a studio project of Rich from Permanent Ruin and Jeremy from Scalped handling all the duties themselves (with a crucial help from Fred), but B.O. has recently settled in to a full 5-piece lineup and ready to play shows. BUST!"

Stream the whole darn thing: 


(I also priced down a bunch of stock to make some room.)

Jun 18, 2014


Welcome. So much to report this time… Colored vinyl copies of both the STERILIZED and MISSIONARY EPs are long sold out but there are still black vinyl copies kicking through me as well as a bunch of distros with refined taste. 

Next up are demo tapes from BUSTED OUTLOOK, which initially (and on this demo) was a project of Rich from PERMANENT RUIN and Jeremy from SCALPED/CONDITION/FAILURE RITES/etc., and has solidified into a full band with other current PERM RÜ and STRESSORS members. Tapes are ordered and covers are being printed and should be in hand in about a week and a half. Here's a taste:


Quite a few other things in the pipe for WS after that… SCALPED 7" is recorded but the mix isn't yet finalized. Soon. However, production is underway on a 7" for Vancouver's Oi!-tinged, LAST RIGHTS-influenced hardcore crusaders, VACANT STATE.  Have a peep at the first track:


And finally from the "stoked" category, I got an email from this newer band from Chicago (with a root here in the Bay Area) called NARCOLEPTICS, who sent along a recording and they were looking for a label to release it. I'll be honest, I'm usually apprehensive of even getting around to listening to such things, so it was several weeks before I even downloaded it, and I gotta say that what I heard when I finally did, put a huge smile on my face. The incessant forward motion in these tunes floored me. And those drums…oh those drums. Truly a work of art. Inertia, maaaaaan. Oh yeah, and I'm putting it out! When I finally got around to emailing the band I thought for sure it would already have been scooped up by a (smart) label. Nope! Anyway, here's a track that I highly recommend that you listen to:

 There are a few other things worth mentioning but I am out of time and will mention them when I put up the BUSTED OUTLOOK tapes. 

Oh yeah, I still have a few more mail orders to send but I'm MOSTLY caught up. Sorry for the delays and thanks for the patience.

Go see GAG and BACK TO BACK on tour. 

Apr 28, 2014

FINALLY: Missionary & Sterilized EPs

'Sup bubbzarooskis...  After a significant wait and an embarrassing amount of reminders from yours-truly that these records are still not out, I'm beyond stoked to announce that MISSIONARY – American Strike and STERILIZED – Zero Sum Game E.P.s are finally ready to order. As you will see, I have thrown a few different ordering option at you in the webstore. You can order both 7"s together on color, both 7"s together on black, singularly on color, and singularly on black. The sets of both will save you a wee bit of loot, as you will notice. Anyway, here's the info...

MISSIONARY – American Strike E.P. (WS-005)
I'm more than stoked to deliver to this world the vinyl debut—and follow-up to what I can only describe as a stellar demo—from this Brooklyn, New York band. By acknowledging, and referencing the sonic-successes of vicious packs of go-nowhere teens from decades passed that stomped their indelible marks into 7th & A, Georgetown, Kenmore Square, and the East End, MISSIONARY has managed in their own special way to craft a great tone and created a hook-filled, Oi!-hued, North Eastern American hardcore sound that's as timeless and familiar as it is a crucial and fresh. 



STERILIZED – Zero Sum Game E.P. (WS-006)
I could try to sugarcoat STERILIZED as some sort of neo-god game-changer of [insert silly genre title here], but I'm not going to, 'cause all it would do is waste your time and my energy. The bottom line is that this Olympia, WA trio plays rather straightforward Scandinavian-influenced D-beat hardcore and they are GREAT at it. Let the tunes speak for themselves.



As of this writing, I am down to two, single, solitary, black vinyl, first press copies of PERMANENT RUIN – Más Allá de la Muerte E.P., but I repressed it on red vinyl, which you can find in the webstore. Besides that, I have also added WARTHOG Prison 7"s to the store.

As far as the future of W.S. is concerned, SCALPED is recording on May 25th for two E.P.s, one of which I will be releasing, so stay tuned for that. There is another thing that may come out around the same time. Who knows. I can't say what it is either. And maybe another thing. Deathreat zine=eventually. 


Mar 28, 2014


 That's all.

Mar 11, 2014


It's time for another monthly update! 

PERMANENT RUIN's East Coast tour starts this Friday in New York! Here's what I can find for details on the shows:

3/15/14 - New York CIty --- w/ Ajax, Pleasure Industry, Public Hex @ Acheron
3/16/14 - Cambridge, MA --- w/ Waste Management, Exit Order, Ancient Filth @ Democracy Center
3/17/14 - Montreal, QC --- w/ Vibe Wrecker, Vile Intent @ Death Church
3/18/14 - Toronto, ON --- w/ Column of Heaven, Anxiety @ Smiling Buddha
3/19/14 - Detroit, MI --- w/Pizza Hi-Five, Girth, Marrow, P.A.W.N @ The Precinct 
3/20/14 - Grand Rapids, MI
3/21/14 - Chicago, IL --- w/ Sin Orden, Manipulation, Distract, Skrapyard @ Ice Cream Shop 
3/22/14 - Colombus, OH --- w/ Cabeza Twins, Splashin' Safari, Life Mess @ L.O.D.
3/23/14 - Nashville, TN
3/24/14 - Atlanta, GA --- w/ Casanovas in Heat
3/25/14 - Richmond, VA --- w/ Burn Ward, Animal Planet @ a house near Vinyl Conflict
3/26/14 - Washington, DC --- w/ Sick Fix, Citadel @ The Rocketship 
3/27/14 - Philadelphia, PA
3/28/14 - New Brunswick, NJ
3/29/14-3/30/14 - Cambridge, MA --- Smash It Dead Fest 

They will have copies of their new San Jose EP, as well as copies of Más allá de la Muerte EP on red wax. If you have the time and they are rolling near your town, it's definitely in your best interest to check out one of the hardest working and hardest hitting bands out there. But I am biased.

In other news, both the covers and vinyl for MISSIONARY's American Strike EP have been approved and are in production stages (I already have the poster inserts at my house). I am still waiting on a member's thumbs up *ahem* to approve the STERILIZED Zero Sum Game tests, but the covers are printed and shipped and will be in my hands next Monday. So if all goes according to plan, it should just be a few more weeks for the pieces to be in my hands. For the first time, I plan to do a pre-order with these two EPs, since I have a lot going on, so once the final piece of the puzzle has shipped, I will post it up to my webstore. There will be 50 color sets, and 25 black sets of these EPs for pre-order, that will be a dollar cheaper than waiting, and with a big pile of stickers. I will also be taking distro / wholesale orders at the same time. More on this as pieces start to show up. 

Regarding the DEATHREAT zine...I actually just did a little more work on this and gathered some more content, so things are still slowly creeping on with this, but there is still much to be done.

I guess this is also as good a time as any to announce that WS-007 will be a 7" from San Francisco's SCALPED. This hard hitting and head-fucking monstrosity is built around the the majority of YADOKAI but is a completely different animal. And since most of these dudes are my current and/or former bandmates, and Warthog Speak alumni (50% of CAGED ANIMAL), it makes perfect sense to welcom them to the family. I don't really expect this one to happen any time soon, but for now you can listen to / download their demo trax here. Physical copies will be available soon. 

Finally a couple new distro items will be added to the webstore by the end of this week. I have SOA demo 7"s, PITFALL 7"s, and WARTHOG 7"s to add and I am still waiting on PERMANENT RUIN San Jose 7"s, GAS RAG demo 7"s, ZODIACS tapes, and PEACEBREAKERS 7"s to show up. 

That's it for now. 


Feb 17, 2014


Howdy folks. Gonna try to stay on top of these monthly updates...

First exciting news is that I just got the MISSIONARY and STERILIZED 7" test pressings. I think they sound great and they have been sent off to the bands for the official "yay" or "nay." More on that as it develops. 

PERMANENT RUIN's East Coast tour is creeping up and I just repressed the 7" on RED WAX for them to take on tour. Well...they will have half. I will list the other half for sale once they get back. See the dates below.

Speaking of PERM CRÜ...not only did the Más Allá de la Muerte 7" make SIX top tens and get a rave review in the newest MRR...

"PERMANENT RUIN – "Más Allá de la Muerte" EP
    Holy shit is this record fucking furious. Pissed female fronted hardcore that jumps off the record and puts a knife to your throat. No mellow/posi Cali-vibes going on here: "Run your mouth and roll your eyes/might end with a fist in your mouth." Fuck yes! "Corporal Punishment" not only has one of the raddest breakdowns I've heard in a long time, it also has some seriously dark, sexualized lyrics that I can't help but go back to again and again. It's like Kathy Acker by way of Tony Erba. Five songs, no bullshit. If more contemporary hardcore records were like this, I'd probably be way more into contemporary hardcore. Hell, maybe I am, and I didn't even know."

...but it also made these YEAR END TOP TENS, in the same issue:

   "I can't say enough, but I love PERMANENT RUIN. They were among one of the first bands I saw when moving to the Bay Area and they made me not regret my decision at the time. This is one of the most hard-hitting bands I have ever listened to and there is no doubt about that. This new EP came at perfect imeing and gave me new energy to want to do damage. I can't even fully begin to explain how important this band and this EP are. If you haven't paid attention to this band yet, do so in 2014 or get out of the way! (Oscar Gutierrez)

   "Speaking of grind and powerviolence drummer, PERMANENT RUIN makes the cut because they are just so fucking good. This band never, ever disappoints. Live, on record, as people, as part of a movement, they top all other Bay Area bands, but they don't care. They are humble, and just wanna choke you and make you bleed with the brutal hardcore they make. Top ten for life." (Kat Smith)

   "Punishing as fuck San Jose powerviolence/grind with really intense vocals." (Justin Davisson)

Anyway, it's true. Best record of 2013, hands down and it was a pleasure to be a part of it. With that said, I am eagerly awaiting my distro copies of the next PERM RU 7" on Not Normal any minute now, as well as their domestic pressing of the GAS RAG demo 7" and ZODIACS tapes (this thing may be a little old but it is a straight up KILLER...pick it up when I get em, if you haven't already), and PEACEBREAKERS 7"s from R'n'R Disgrace. I think that's about it. 

Nothing else to really announce for WS; DT zine is still on the back burner, there are a couple things I am trying to release but aren't really at that stage yet. Yeah, so, I guess check back soon. Thanks to Al Quint, Ian O, and MRR for playing WS jams on the radio and everyone that has paid attention thus far. Peace.