Sep 14, 2015

FALL 2015

Hola Babies.

'Tis the end of Summer and I haven't updated this site in forever. Lots of info to transmit, and five new releases on deck. 

Here's what's up.

ODD MAN OUT - EP (WS-014) --- Vinyl version of Olympia/Seattle straightedge band's cassette demo from earlier this year. Six tracks of pit-clearing, straightedge HARDcore with a conscience.


FATIGUE - "Dog Bodies" EP (WS-015) --- 7" pressing of 3 of the 4 tracks from FATIGUE's demo tape from last year. Here's what I had to say about the cassette: "The perfect soundtrack to watching the soul of real life bleached down to an unrecognizable, squeaky-clean, child-safety prison outside of your control. FATIGUE is growling, ripping and tearing back from the deepest, darkest corners of the gut. Take the ugly snarl and familiarity of first wave punk, add the blood-thirsty fervor and frostbite of a vacant Cass Corridor warehouse in 1982, and steady it with the gobbing, No-Future confidence of the UK punk sound of that same year, and you end up with a snarling beast similar to this. With ex- and current members of SYDNEY DUCKS, CAGED ANIMAL, YOUNG OFFENDERS, SCALPED, and HUNTING PARTY among the ranks, the sound all makes sense. The savagery of "Outlander" being the standout track. Nasty."


NARCOLEPTICS - Second EP (WS-016) --- The second EP from New York's NARCOLEPTICS takes the fury of the first one and goes harder, heavier, and harsher.

The band will also have 50 test press copies of this record for their West Coast tour coming up in October...

10/15 Phoenix 
10/16 Los Angeles
10/17 Oakland 
10/19 Portland
10/20 Seattle
10/21 Vancouver
10/22 Victoria
10/23 Olympia
10/24 Chico/Santa Rosa?
10/25 Fresno
10/26 Mentone
10/27 San Diego/Tijuana

ALIENATION - "2015 Mini-LP" 12" (IDNTFS-1) --- Straight-up stunning 12" follow-up to two great demos from this Halifax, Nova Scotia unit. Thirteen flashes of brilliant hardcore that touches on the best of '80s US hardcore as much as it does the Hudiksvall* sound. The ALIENATION sound exists in a similar orbit as recent greats, GAS RAG, but faster.

*(Missbrukarna, Totalitar, Huvudtvatt, etc.)


INDEX - Demo EP (Vague-01) --- First release on Warthog Speak sub-imprint Vague Absolutes, is a very limited vinyl run of the lone 4-song demo from the Bay Area's INDEX. The band came and went in a flash, played a handful of shows, and left a killer demo of bratty and scrappy punk before splitting off to other pastures. Members also did/do time in Brilliant Colors, Flesh World, Jump Off A Building, Nosedive, and Vial. You can download the demo here on TERMINAL ESCAPE if it strokes your fancy.


We've got the final copies of the GENERACION SUICIDA tour FLEXI in the webstore as well as recently added hits from EEL, CONCEALED BLADE, AJAX (record of the year thus far), AS MERCENARIAS - demo 7", and more NIGHT PROWLER tapes to the distro.


Finally, I have test pressings of most of these releases set aside, as well as some older ones, that I'm going to put up for sale on the webstore in the coming weeks with alternate covers. They're gonna be more expensive than the normal releases, with all of the money being donated to charity. This is something I have wanted to do for a while, to do something positive in this world of punishment, shame, and hate, however small I may be, and I'm glad I finally have enough "stock" to make it worth the while. Once I put them for sale, I will post an announcement here.

Thanks for listening.

Jun 4, 2015


There's a crew up in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area that's been consistently pumping out top quality hardcore/punk demos and records at a crazy pace, all of them worthy of your attention, but ALIENATION strikes harder to my sensibilities than most music of the last decade, and I'm proud to say that they are letting me release their debut record. Expect this smashing, 13-track 12" EP sometime late summer / early Fall on Warthog Speak. This is why I started putting out records.

Here's two unmastered tracks for you to peep:

 And if you want check out the demos, go to:

Jun 1, 2015

JUNE 2015

Hello. I haven't posted here in quite a while. So much to report. 

First off, the FATIGUE Self-Titled 7" is now available to order! 

FATIGUE – "Self-Titled" EP
Following one of the best demos in some time, the debut 7" EP from California's FATIGUE is a rough-around-the-edges, slow motion, boot to the sternum via four bruised-and-scarred hymns of life and struggle in the big city, that owes as as much to northern US hardcore of the nineteen-eighties, UK oi! at it's grimiest, and regular old punk rock at it's least tender. A sound that makes perfect sense when considering that FATIGUE is made up of current and former members of SYDNEY DUCKS, SCALPED, BRICK ASSASSIN, and YOUNG OFFENDERS. 

Give a listen here:

Purchase HERE
FATIGUE will also be hitting the East Coast in July. You can spot em at these places:

July 10 - brooklyn @ Acheron w/ AJAX, VANITY, SEMPER EADEM (DC), NO PAROLE
July 11 - boston @ Boiler Room w/ PEACEBREAKERS, VANITY, SEMPER EADEM (DC)
July 12 - montreal 
July 13 - toronto @ SHIBGB's
July 14 - pittsburgh
July 15 - richmond
July 16 - dc
July 17 - philly
July 18 - new brunswick
(I will fill in the details as I have them)

The BUSTED OUTLOOK - "Spitting Wind" 7" is still fresh-to-def for Summer...
Current darlings of the Bay Area Hardcore scene, and sporting chaps that already show up on the Warthog Speak roster in such class acts as PERMANENT RUIN, STRESSORS, and SCALPED, BUSTED OUTLOOK is made up of dudes that have more than likely booked a show for your band if you've played in the the Bay at any point over the last five years. Locked in the grooves of this record is some of the tightest spirit-lifting, metallic hardcore this side of of '88. Riffs galore. Divebombs, breakdowns, dope solos, and good vibes to help you ride through summer 2015. Did I mention...RIFFS.

But you don't have to take my word for it... Peep the whole thing here first:

 Lots more on the horizon for WS, so please stay tuned. 

Feb 8, 2015

FEB 2015

First and foremost, the (under-pressed by the plant...freekin' Rainbo) NARCOLEPTICS 7" is getting close to being sold out from me. After that you can get it from most distros, or from the band on the East Coast tour at the end of March/early April:

With that said, and since I'm just sitting around, staying out of the rare, much-needed SF rain, here's some reviews of the NARCOLEPTICS 7":

From, whatever that is:
"Narcoleptics’ debut EP adds to the lineage of “blown-out” hardcore largely forged in Japan and noticeably fetishized by a certain cadre of American punks. Recent notables like Pig DNA and Gag are taking the template to more interesting places, and you can count Narcoleptics among their ranks. There’s a fine line with this type of hardcore that can often become indistinguishable amongst the onslaught, ‘specially if you’re listening to a lot of this stuff, because then having Japanese characters and crudely drawn punks on the cover art is probably enough to sell it. But this Narcoleptics EP survives the muck-filtering process, due in large part to the taut drumming, a steady onslaught of snare rolls cutting through the buzzing, feedback-drenched atmosphere. The drum fills on “Trench Knife” and “Final Breath” (above) and the high level of the drums in the mix drive this bullet train of a six-songer off the damn rails. The riffs here definitely appear stronger than those of your everyday band of bulletbelters, but it’s tough not to go straight through the wall when you’ve got this amount of power in the kit. Whatever the case, the two minutes of “Cell Degeneration” should be all the proof you need that this is nothing but top-tier. The whole recording sounds great, clean enough to let all the individual elements ring out and combine in cacophony. Closer “Cop Sympathizer” (!) fades out and back in so you remember to keep flippin’ this one over, comin’ in hot. What a ride. See for yourself at the Warthog Speak Bandcamp, then grab the 7” direct from the label - only 289 copies to go around. Nearly 10 releases in at this point and Warthog Speak is proving itself to be a fine purveyor of cutting-edge hardcore, so you’d do best to keep up with ‘em."

From MRR #382:
"The hard part isn't making blown-out noisy crash punk—that mystery was solved about five punk generations back and the cat is out of the bag. The hard part is making your own blown-out distorted crash punk band stand out in the glut of nonsense that has flooded pressing plants ever since the mystery was solved, especially when the very subgenre in question is known for being chaotic and unintelligible. So you have to sound fukkd and echo everything to oblivion...but you still gotta have a fukkn hook. Listen to "Trench Knife" on the first side of this slab. That's what you gotta do, punk. It ain't science, you just gotta do it right. Tempo is insistant, riffs are face-melting (especially "Cop Sympathizer"), and the whole record is hopelessly on point. Yeah, punk, ou might just want to move on to the next mystery, because NARCOLEPTICS got this one handled."


Just added a few things to the webstore (new DROPDEAD splits and reissues, DOPECHARGE 7", UNREAL THOUGHT and NEGATIVE RAGE tapes, and the new CAL AND THE CALORIES 7"). I also added the newest CONCRETE ASYLUM tape, which I have been given the OK to produce as needed to fill the demand. It's really a hot ripper that's worth checking out if you dig the whole LÄRM meets RIPCORD thing. Peep it here:


I dropped priced on a bunch of older shit way down to clear out some room, so definitely look towards at the bottom of the store for deals:

And as far as the label goes, the BUSTED OUTLOOK 7" is ordered and we [i]should[/i] have 80 test press copies, possibly with special covers, ready for their upcoming tour. Thankfully, you can peep the whole thing already!!!

 After BUSTED OUTLOOK will be the FATIGUE 7", which is mastered and waiting for art. It's also a dead-eyed ruler. I will post a sample track once the artwork is done. For now, here's a reminder of how much the demo rules:

Following that, I plan to take a break from the label for most of what remains of 2015 since I have a bunch of adult shit to deal with. But I plan to pick back up when the right release to follow presents itself.

Dec 28, 2014


All traveling and houseguests for the holidays is over, so I can finally sit and update this for real, and there's lots to say...

After six months lumbering away at the pressing plant, NARCOLEPTICS and VACANT STATE EPs are finally up for sale. NARCOS arrived a couple weeks ago and is already selling, but VS just got here on Friday as I was leaving town, so it will finally be going up for sale tonight. Here's the details on both:

      This six-track, thirteen-minute monster of a debut from NARCOLEPTICS is a relentless ass-whooping of blown out, nasty thrashing hardcore with some of the sickest drumming this side of "Is This My World," that in no way apes any specific style, trend, or formula, but nods to many. First press limited to 289, all on black vinyl, with copies at or on the way to Sorry State, La Vida Es Un Mus (UK), Going Underground, Soap and Spikes, and Punk and Destroy (Japan).

listen to the whole thing here:

Buy it from me here:

VACANT STATE – "Chains" EP (WS-008)
      New 5-songer from Canada's best hardcore band, this time with three mid-paced stompers and two faster burners. Saying that it reminds me of a more Oi!'d out LAST RIGHTS wouldn't be too far off the mark. First press of 550 copies, all on black. For the Euros, there is also a version released simultaneously on Hardware Records.

Listen to the first track here:

Maximum Rocknroll also played the track, "Where's the Line?" on last week's radio show, so you can peep that (and BUSTED OUTLOOK traxxx) at

Speaking of BUST OUT, early 2014 will see the release of BUSTED OUTLOOK's Spitting Wind EP on Warthog Speak. They put a couple unmastered trax from the EP on a promo tape for Not Dead Yet fest that you can check out here:

After that WS is gonna take a big ol' break, but not before eeking out the first 7" for SF's FATIGUE, which they're recording on January 15th, and I'm counting the minutes. Their demo was fucking fantastic and you can prove that to yourself by checking out this nasty track from it:

Following that, who really knows what's up. There's one other record that I offered to do, if it happens, you'll know, if not, break time!
If you're curious, these were my favorite releases of 2014 in alphabetical order:

AJAX – demo CS/demo 7"
GAS RAG – Beats Off LP
IMPALERS - Psychedelic Snutskallar 12"
DEATHWISH – Tailgate 12"
v/a - Charred Remains 2xLP

preemptive best of '15:

Dec 3, 2014





Nov 6, 2014


The NARCOLEPTICS demo got a random shout out today on Cvltnation. Peep it here

Oct 8, 2014


Here's the SCALPED EP for you to stream til the records are done...



Sep 16, 2014


...for being super behind packing orders. I'm still running about a month off, but I promise everyone will get their orders. On top of that, I've also been slacking on adding new shit to the webstore but I finally just added these things to the: KOWARD "Desperate" EPs, STERILE MIND  demo tapes, GREEN BERET "Cult of State" EPs (restock), STERILIZED "Chemical Dust" EPs, and GRUMP "Back to Being Normal" demo tapes, OVENS third 7", PIG DNA "Control You Fucker #3" EPs, and "Atlantic Canadian Hardcore Punk" comp tapes

As far as the label and its bands are concerned, there is an incredible amount going one and I will try to wrap up as much of it as I can right here, right now. 

STRESSORS is on a break 'cause Kevin is back in Boston for school. PERM RU is still functioning at quarter-speed 'cause Merm is out of town for an unknown amount of time, but they will be playing NOT DEAD YET fest in Toronto (as is BUSTED OUTLOOK). CAGED ANIMAL–who really knows what they're up to. GAG released a new single on Iron Lung a couple months back to prepare the world for their impending LP. MISSIONARY just played their first show since the unofficial record-release show at Acheron on September 21st, with Dawn of Humans, Pharmakon, Ivy, and Cheena. I have gotten word that STERILIZED is probably gonna start playing again in some capacity. Not quite sure yet what that's gonna entail, exactly. BUSTED OUTLOOK has been playing a bunch and as I just mentioned are slated to gig at this year's Not Dead Yet fest in Toronto as well as a quick Trip down the West Coast in a couple weeks.

Now on to the new stuff...

Test pressings are approved for the NARCOLEPTICS, and VACANT STATE EP. I have all the vinyl for the SCALPED records. No covers yet, though. It's looking like this will be the record release show:

Look for an interview with VACANT STATE in an upcoming MRR.

I'm sick of typing so here are a couple Razorcake reviews of WS releases:

MISSIONARY - American Strike EP
New band from NYC that sounds like an old band from Boston. Thuggy hardcore not unlike some of the stompier SSD or Negative FX. For newer bands, think maybe Rival Mob or U.K.’s Violent Reaction. It’s mostly hardcore but these dudes have definitely checked some oi faves out before penning these tunes. Anyone who knows me knows that I eat this shit up. Also comes with a sick newspaper lyric sheet. Boss tunes.

Another stellar release from Warthog Speak, this time hardcore from Olympia, WA. Crushing, fuzzed-out d-beat with unhinged vocals. Musically, these dudes don’t stray too far from the Scandi d-Beat blueprint, but the vocals give this record the edge almost getting into Nervskade territory. Bruuuutaaaaal.

Finally, I now have the ability to record digitally, so I will be posting what basically will amount to digital "mixtapes" as some sort of attempt at a "radio show" or "podcast" type thing on here. I will not be talking over it, but will be typing out comments on the songs. Should be cool. Whatever.